Online Conferences Platform is a platform that organizes international conferences/ Symposiums, Seminars, and Workshops.

The primary focus is to organize virtual conferences in the various disciplines of Engineering, Technology, Management, Social Sciences, Food Technology, Agriculture, Law, Economics, Public Health, and many more.

We work for bringing people from different origins together to share their learning, research, and experiences from more than 20 countries from the USA, Europe and America.

Online Conferences Platform is providing an excellent platform and inviting all the researchers to bring their work for discussion and suggestions in order to serve the technical community.

The conferences are hosted from different locations including India, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, and the USA. Researchers can save their time and money on traveling to attend these conferences as these are virtual conferences.

Authors are requested to send their original Project synopsis, Research, Paper presentations, Surveys, Review articles, Technical Notes, Book Reviews, Patent research.