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The Courage of the People of Kashkadarya Behind the Front During the Second World War

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The Second World War with its complexity and richness of complexities and contradictions left an indelible mark on the history of each state. During the war years, Uzbekistan received industrial enterprises and population imported from the West. The evacuated plants and factories were delivered in a short time, exceeding the state plan. Workers of small artels and similar enterprises also set an example of true patriotism by increasing the shipment of products to the front. Personnel shortage was a serious problem in the activity of industrial enterprises during this period. Nevertheless, the Uzbeks, especially the Kashkadarya, showed great courage in the war, worked hard in the rear, fulfilled their sacred duty and made a significant contribution to the victory over the enemy.


Uzbek people
people of Kashkadarya
, World War II
collective farm
Kyzyl Sharq
Stalin artel


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