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Develop Skills to Work with Future Elementary School Teachers

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National universal values   in the formation of spiritual and moral education of the younger generation In our country, creating opportunities for the formation of the content of education and national ideology, taking into account the universal values   and the foundations of our national culture. "The future begins today," said the wise man. The future of the young generation determines the criteria of the spiritual and spiritual process that makes them human. In this regard, it is especially important to increase the effectiveness of education and bring it up to world standards, to enrich education on the basis of best practices, on the basis of new pedagogical experiences. Raising a harmoniously developed generation will create the basis for them to be proud of their love for their nation, to study the ideas and teachings of the salt and to apply them in the future. the artistic, moral upbringing and perfection of the birds is one of the urgent tasks today. A spiritually mature nation will have the opportunity to properly assess and further develop its values. Thus, the growth of the spirituality of the society creates the conditions for the widespread use of values   and paves the way for the further development of values. Based on the definition of values, universal values   can be defined as follows. Universal values   are a form of value related to ethnicity and characteristics that are important to a nation.


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