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Effectiveness of Prevention and Treatment of Dental Caries

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Significant variability and variability in the frequency of caries lesions of fissures are associated with a variety of their shape, depth and size According to Stepanova T.S. et al. (2015), many factors play a major role in tooth resistance to caries, but especially the depth and shape of fissures. Depending on the shape of the fissures are divided into open and closed. The most unfavorable variant of closed fissures is flask-shaped or ampoule-shaped. Of particular importance in the development of caries are also flask-shaped extensions and bay-shaped protrusions on the walls of the fissure.

The result of the American researchers was to study the physical properties of two recently marketed glass ionomer (RMGI) lubricants and compare the results with traditional materials. Nexus RMGI, UltraCem, GC Fuji Cem 2 and RelyX Luting Plus were manufactured using standardized forms to determine bending strength and fracture toughness in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and were stored in a physiological phosphate buffer salt solution at 37 ° C before the test.


Dental Caries


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