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Strengthening the Process of Modernization of Industrial Enterprises Through the Principles of Marketing

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Changes in demand for textiles and light industry goods in the markets of developed countries have had a significant impact on the development of this industry. World exports of textiles in 2020 increased by 4.2% compared to 2016 and amounted to 296.1 billion US dollars, including exports of clothing products increased by 2.8% to 454 billion US dollars. The participation and market share of developing countries in Asia is growing compared to developed countries in the global textile and light industry market. In 2020, the share of Asian countries in the world will be more than 52% of textiles and more than 54.8% of clothing. Further development of high-capacity light industry in Asian countries is carried out at the expense of modern marketing.

Foreign economic relations and factors play a very important role in the ongoing socio-economic reforms in Uzbekistan. In this situation, economic relations have become a powerful accelerator of economic, scientific and technological development. The acquisition of the latest achievements of world practice today is closely related to deep and comprehensive participation in the international division of labor.


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