Volume 1, December 2023

Table of Contents

International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference “Digitalisation and Sustainability for Scientific Deployment : Economic, Social, and Medical Aspects” 

The Conference will cover topics such as: digitalisation and sustainability; development management; forecasting and foresight; artificial intelligence; medicine; cognitive technologies; energy management; education systems; digital economy; management of innovations; green energy development; smart grid; and digital marketing.


Topics of the Conference sections:
1. Theory of sustainable economic development in the context of digitalization.
2. Digitalization and sustainability in regional and global economic development.
3. Digital marketing for sustainable economic development.
4. Artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies in engineering, mechanics and medicine.
5. Energy management and sustainable economic development.
6. Digitalization and sustainability in the education system.
7. Environmental aspects of sustainable development in the digital economy.
8. Digitalization and sustainability through COVID-19.
9. Smart Grid, information technologies and energy systems of the future.
10. Energy security and the process of globalization.
11. Innovation management in the energy sector.
12. Marketing for the development of green energy.
13. Sustainable development and sustainability in the livestock system.
14. Sustainable development and sustainability in the crop production system.
15. Legal aspects of medicine, biology and humanity.


Published: Dec 2, 2023