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Essential Memory Improving Techniques in Teaching and Learning Process

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Memoryis an important aspect of human beingthat it shows who the person is, yet it deteriorates ashe gets older. Many older persons' decline is so severe that they can no longer live independently, which is one of the most common anxieties of adult experience as they grow older. The good news is that scientists are learning more and more about our brain's incredible ability to alter and establish new synaptic connections every day, even as we become older. Neuroplasticity is the term for this notion which performs the same function. Scientists have revealed that our memory capacity is not permanent, but rather changeable like plastic, thanks to neuroplasticity research. You must exercise your brain and take care of yourself to benefit from neuroplasticity fully.


improve memory
memory test
episodic memories
memory consolidation
concentration-enhancing approaches
physical activity
the funnel approach
vivid association


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